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Do you have opinions, best practices, and other learnings to impart to fellow API practitioners? Since 2012, apidays has amplified voices in the API community. In that time, a lot has changed with how the industry approaches APIs. Together, we can continue to move forward to design, build, run, and use the APIs that will enable the future.

Apidays is seeking contributors to its API publication, APIscene, across a number of topics. By writing a single article—or becoming an ongoing contributor—you have the opportunity to impact 300,000+ members of the apidays community.

APIscene Contributors receive:

  • Published byline on a respected industry outlet
  • Recognition as an API expert
  • Author bio page with links to your projects
  • Contributor listing on the APIscene website
  • Discounted tickets to APIdays conferences
  • Invitations to exclusive events

APIscene covers all things API, which we break down into six primary channels:

  • API Business Models – Internal and external API monetization, generating revenue from customers through direct or indirect API business models
  • API Lifecycle Management – How to run an API program and manage the full API lifecycle governance across all the organization
  • API Security & Identity – API security & identity news and industry trends including OAuth2.0, OpenID Connect, smart tokens and User-Managed Access
  • API Testing & Monitoring – Best practices on API testing & monitoring capabilities from Agile to DevOps and APIOps methodologies
  • DX, API Design & Documentation – Best practices on Developer experience and Developer portal, API design principles and API documentation methodologies
  • GraphQL – Recent GraphQL technologies on design, security and monitoring, for frontend, backend, and high scalability applications

We’re looking for content that pushes forward the conversation and helps the community better understand API topics. Each article should have a point of view, but APIscene is not the place for product pitches.

Articles are typically 500-1,500 words. We give preference to the original material but are able to republish select content. If you aren’t sure if something is a fit, feel free to reach out before writing. The best way is through our contributor form below.