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June 8, 9 & 10 2022

APIs: the next 10 years


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The API Mindset is enabling the programmable economy. It is a subtle idea to scale innovation while keeping safety, to scale agility while respecting legacy, and to scale collaboration while keeping decentralized governance. The API Mindset is opening a new model for the next 10 years on the tech and business side.

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Learn from the best about Business Models, Design & Documentation, Lifecycle Management, Security & Identity Management, Testing & Monitoring, Banking APIs and Open Banking, Developer Marketing, Digital Transformation, GraphQL, Microservice Architecture, Mobile & IoT APIs

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The API Mindset is enabling the programmable economy. It is a subtle idea to scale innovation while keeping safety, to scale agility while respecting legacy, and to scale collaboration while keeping decentralized governance. The API Mindset is opening a new model for the next 10 years on the tech and business side. We can define it by a mix on the tech side of API design, API first architecture, Open API Standards and protocols, API management,  Event-Driven architecture, Microservices and service meshes, and on the business side, API strategy, API-as-product, NoCode applications, API business model and API Driven platform models.

It is penetrating all industry sectors, from legacy businesses, and brick-and-mortar businesses to tech industries. It is diffusing in all regions, especially because of regulations forcing actors to open APIs in many industries like Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, and Supply chain.

It is embracing all roles in organizations, from C-Level to developers, engineers, and even business stakeholders into the new generation of non-technical builders referred to as “Citizen Developers”, consuming APIs via NoCode applications.

This is why at apidays Interface 2022, we drafted a program that will propel you in the next 10 years of the API economy.


Marshall Van Alstyne

Questrom Chair Professor at Boston University, Co-author of "Platform Revolution"

Tiffany Luck

Enterprise Software Investor at GGV Capital

Chet Kapoor

Chairman and CEO of DataStax

Marco Palladino

CTO & Co-Founder at Kong

Mike Amundsen

Author of "Design and Build great APIs", "Continuous API Management", Speaker & Advisor

Carol Russell

VP, COO SAP Concur

Irakli Nadareishvili

Managing Director, Head of Platform Engineering, Global Banking Platform at JP Morgan & Chase

Michel Tricot

Co-Founder & CEO of Airbyte

Francis Lelong

CEO of Alegria.group

Oliver Moradov

Head of Product Marketing at Brightsec

Chris Poore

API Integrations - Product Manager at Cummins

Denis Jannot

Director of Field Engineering - EMEA at Solo.io

Rob Dickinson

Co-founder & CTO of Resurface Labs

Derric Gilling

CEO at Moesif

Griffin Solot-Kehl

Developer Advocate at Dolby Laboratories

Jeremy Glassenberg

Product Management Lead, APIs at Docusign

Sonal Rattan

Co-founder & CTO at eXate

Robert Greenwood

Chief Product Officer at eXate

Arnaud Lauret

The API Handyman, API Governance Lead at Postman, Author of "The Design of Web APIs"

David O’Neill

CEO of APImetrics

Don Thibeau

Formerly of the OpenID Foundation

Matt McLarty

CTO at Boomi

Lorinda Brandon

VP of Engineering at BetterCloud

Rayvn Manuel

Senior Application Developer at Smithsonian Institution

Brian Costello

Proposition Lead at Global Open Finance Technical Standards Working Group

Ben Carvill

Business Developer at API3

Koen Adolfs

Lead Product Owner - Open Banking & Enterprise Integration Technology at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Anton Shchekalov

VP Engineering CPaaS at 8x8

Fran Méndez

Founder at AsyncAPI Initiative & Director of Engineering at Postman

Chris Michael

Co-founder and CEO of Ozone API

Gil Shulman

VP Product at Wib

Frédéric Harper

Director of Developer Relations at Mindee

Shai Sachs

Staff Engineer at Wayfair

Arlémi Turpault

Senior Developer Advocate at Postman

Rob Richardson

Developer Advocate at Cyral

Brenton House

VP, Digital Evangelism at Software AG

Satya Jayanti

Product Manager - Cloud Native API Management at Red Hat

Evan Shortiss

Principal Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat

Vamsi Ravula

Senior Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat

Hugo Guerrero

APIs & Integration Developer Advocate at Red Hat

Eric Wittmann

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat

Anna Daugherty, CPMM

Director of Product Marketing at Opsera

Erez Schiller

Team Lead Engineering at Wib

Eric Newcomer

Chief Technology Officer at WSO2

Doc Jones

Tech Lead at Postman

Maciej Urbańczyk

Senior Frontend Engineer at Postman

Ismael Velasco

Development Technical Lead at graze.com

Elegbede Azeez

Developer Relations Engineer at AsyncAPI

Rakshith Rao

Co-founder & CEO of APIwiz

Darshan Shivashankar

Founder & CTO of APIwiz

Alex Walling

Chief Strategy Officer at Rapid

Kyle Riordan

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at RapidAPI

Amod Gupta

Product Management Director at Traceable AI

Dan Gordon

Director, Technical Evangelist at Traceable AI

Chris Phillips

Senior Technical Staff Member & Master Inventor at IBM

Matthew Chirgwin

Software Engineer at IBM

Shiu-Fun Poon

Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM

Swetha Sridharan

Senior Product Manager at IBM API Connect

Matt Roberts

Distinguished Engineer and CTO, IBM Integration at IBM

Nick Glowacki

Principal Automation Technical Specialist at IBM

Himasha Guruge

Lead Solutions Engineer at WSO2

Kavishka Fernando

Developer Relations Specialist at WSO2

Ishara Karunarathna

Director of Engineering - IAM at WSO2

Adam DuVander

Principal Consultant at EveryDeveloper, Author of "Developer Marketing Does not exist"

Radu Popa


Farasath Ahamed

Technical Lead at WSO2

Phil Nash

Principal Developer Evangelist at Twilio

Gijs Hendrix

Head of Product at Hygraph (Formely GraphCMS)

Rafael Cardoso

Solution Architect at Sensedia

Filipe Torqueto

Lead Software Architect at Sensedia

Gabriel Zessin

Software Architect at Sensedia

Gabriel Slama

EU Front End Director at AKQA

Alianna Inzana

Vice President of Product at WeTransfer

Mehdi Medjaoui

Founder & Chairman of apidays

Patrick Brosse

Head of API and Data Model Governance at Amadeus

Nadeesha Gamage

Solutions Architect at WSO2

Shazni Nazeer

Solutions Architect at WSO2



Apidays Interface

APIs for a “Smart” economy. Embedding AI to deliver Smart APIs and turn into an exponential organization.

  • 9:00 am
  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Mehdi Medjaoui, Author, Founder and Chairman of apidays conferences

  • 9:10 am
  • Fireside chat with Eric Newcomer
  • Eric Newcomer, Editor at The New Stack, CTO at Intellyx and Former CTO at WSO2

  • 9:50 am
  • API Green Score : How to reduce the environmental impact of your APIs?
  • Yannick Tremblais, IT Innovation Manager for Groupe Rocher and Green API Score

  • 10:20 am
  • Coffee Break / Virtual Booth Area

LLM and APIs : the State of AI APIs

Stage 1

API Security Fundamentals

Stage 2

API Lifecycle

Stage 3

LLM and APIs : the State of AI APIs

Stage 1

10:45 am

Open Source ML - from pretrained models to production

Omar Sanseviero, Machine Learning Engineer Lead at Hugging Face

11:10 am

Everything you need to know about API security

Tony Lauro, Director of Security Strategy at Akamai Technologies

11:35 am

Talk to your Data: Making Data Accessible through AI

Pablo Elgueta, Machine Learning Specialist & Lawyer

12:00 pm

How to make APIs AI compatible

Alexandre Airvault, CEO at Blobr

API Security Fundamentals

Stage 2

10:45 am

Something Old, Something New - OWASP API Security Top 10 in 2023

Colin Domoney, Chief Technology Evangelist at 42Crunch

11:10 am

Fast & Furious: Hacking Cars with APIs

Shira Sarid-Hausirer, VP Marketing at UpstreamDaniel Blum, Product Manager – API Securitiy & Threat Intelligence at Upstream

11:35 am

API Security: Approaching Protection At Code-Level

Goodness Okpani, Chief Technology Officer at Ethnos IT Solutions

12:00 pm

Exploratory Testing of API Security - a Guide

Bas Dijkstra, Test automation trainer, Consultant, and Developer at On Test Automation

API Lifecycle

Stage 3

10:45 am

The journey to APIs-as-a-Product

Ryan Clifford, Platform Group Product Manager – APIs & Integrations @ Spendesk

11:10 am

APIOps is here: What will you build in an API First World?

Pooja Mistry, Developer Advocate at Postman

11:35 am

to be announced

Speaker details will be posted shortly!

12:00 pm

Creating Resilient Distributed Applications that Thrive in the Face of Chaos Monkeys

Olivier Poupeney, Head of Developer Relations at Orkes

  • 12:25 pm
  • Lunch Break / Virtual Booth Area

LLM and APIs : the State of AI APIs

Stage 1

The Future of API Security

Stage 2


Stage 3

LLM and APIs : the State of AI APIs

Stage 1

1:15 pm

Open & Responsible AI Licenses: a new licensing trend for LLMs

Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis, Tech & Regulatory Affairs Counsel at Hugging Face

1:40 pm

Securing LLM and NLP APIs: A Journey to Avoiding Data breaches, Attacks and More

Adam Dawson, Senior Security Engineer at CohereJared Krause, Senior Full Stack Software Developer at Cohere

2:05 pm

The New Developer Dance

Grace Francisco, CMO and Head of Developer Relations at Pangea

2:30 pm

Discussion: API management with LLMs

Brenton House, Vice President, Digital Evangelism at Software AG

The Future of API Security

Stage 2

1:15 pm

Reverse Engineering Undocumented APIs

Dana Epp, Security Engineer, Security Researcher (and Influencer) at Vulscan

1:40 pm

Security Exposure Management in API First World

Sandeep Nain, VP, Security and Trust at Carta

2:05 pm

API Standards and Shift Left Security

Alex Savage, Head of Integrations at Advanced

2:30 pm

Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) & API Security

Bíll Jones, Security Practice Director at Softrams


Stage 3

1:15 pm

Data Collection Basics

Anais Dotis-Georgiou, Lead Developer Advocate @ InfluxData (InfluxDB)

2:05 pm

5GFF presents: How APIs are fueling the growth of 5G and MEC

Michael Murphy, Senior Product Manager – Edge and 5G APIs at VodafoneLuc-Philippe Bouchard, Senior Solution Architect | 5G MEC API Service Lead at Bell MobilityTroy Saulnier, Network Strategy at Bell

  • 2:55 pm
  • Coffee Break / Virtual Booth Area

Developer Experience and Ecosystems

Stage 1

API Security Best Practices

Stage 2

Developer Experience and Ecosystems

Stage 1

3:20 pm

The API ecosystem of Deutsche Bank - how it works & how it has changed

Gangadhar Chippada, Chief Technologist API Platform & Integration at Deutsche Bank

3:45 pm

How to release an API with developers in mind

Gaël Imperial, API Product Manager at AmadeusAnna Tsolakou, Developer Advocate at Amadeus

4:10 pm

API Management in the Age of AI

Matt McLarty, CTO at Boomi

4:35 pm

No more coding API's

Prerna Sood, Co-founder and CEO at Syncloop

API Security Best Practices

Stage 2

3:20 pm

APIs & APTs: Manipulating Access in Current Events

John Hammond, Senior Security Researcher at Huntress

3:45 pm

Fireside chat: Securing APIs Powering America's Foster System

Adam Arellano, CISO at Binti

4:10 pm

Governance Doesn't Have to be a Dirty Word

Jason Harmon, CTO at Stoplight

4:35 pm

The Swiss Cheese Model of Layered API Security

Leon Andrews, Principal, APIs and Product Engineering at Terem

  • 5:00 pm
  • Day 1 Closing Remarks
  • Mehdi Medjaoui, Author, Founder and Chairman of apidays conferences

  • 9:00 am
  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Mehdi Medjaoui, Author, Founder and Chairman of apidays conferences

  • 9:05 am
  • Developers' take on what makes up a high-quality API
  • Konstantinos “Kostas” Korakitis, Director of Research at SlashData

  • 9:30 am
  • Nuclear Rust
  • John Darrington, Lead Digital Architect at Idaho National Laboratory

  • 9:55 pm
  • Imbibing Sustainability in Software Development
  • Aman Dhamija, Associate Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs

  • 10:20 am
  • Coffee Break / Virtual Booth Area

New Trends of APIs

Stage 1

API design and DX

Stage 2

New Trends of APIs

Stage 1

10:45 am

Unlocking the Power of LLM: Harnessing the Potential of an API Gateway for Large Language Models

Valliappan Narayanan,Machine Learning Engineer at AT&T

11:10 am

Identifying Business Risks from API Legal Agreements

Dr. Baljeet Malhotra, Founder & CEO of TeejLab

11:35 am

Leveraging Event Streaming to Super-Charge your Business Solutions

Mary Grygleski, Senior Streaming Developer Advocate at DataStax

12:00 pm

Moving Beyond APIs: The Advantages of ArrowFlight SQL for Efficient Data Retrieval

Anais Dotis-Georgiou, Lead Developer Advocate at InfluxData (InfluxDB)

API design and DX

Stage 2

10:45 am

Designing APIs That Stand the Test of Time

Pooja Mistry, Developer Advocate at Postman

11:10 am

APIs with bounded contexts: modelling APIs with domain-driven design

José Haro Peralta, Founder, Author, Instructor at microapis.io

11:35 am

Refining Your API: The Last Mile of API Design

James Higginbotham, Executive API Consultant at LaunchAny

12:00 pm

5 Critical Pillars of Modern API Management You Must Consider

Sudeep Goswami, Chief Revenue Officer & Board Member at Traefik LabsMaytham Alfouadi, Solutions Architect at Traefik Labs

  • 12:25 pm
  • Lunch Break / Virtual Booth Area

API as product

Stage 1

API Lifecycle Management

Stage 2

API as product

Stage 1

1:15 pm

API-as-a-product: The Key to a Successful API Program

Jason Harmon, CTO @ Stoplight

1:40 pm

How to treat your APIs as a Product

Derric Gilling, CEO at Moesif

2:05 pm

Panel: Discussion on Continuous API management with book co-authors

Mike Amundsen, Author of “Design and Build Great APIs” at amundsen.com, Inc.Ronnie Mitra, Sr. Director of Technology at Publicis Sapient, Author of “Microservices up and running”Erik Wilde – Author and OpenAPI Initiative AmbassadorMehdi Medjaoui, Author, Founder and Chairman of apidays conferences

API Lifecycle Management

Stage 2

1:15 pm

Digital Platforms, Taking API to production, Microservices patterns

Kanchana Wickremasinghe, VP & GM for API & Integration BU at WSO2

1:40 pm

API Security & Ecosystem Trust: Protecting the Keys to Your Kingdom

Jeremy Snyder, Founder and CEO of FireTail

2:05 pm

Using OpenTelemetry To Troubleshoot and Monitor Production Apps

Yosef Arbiv, R&D Group Lead at Cisco

2:30 pm

System Migration Lifecycle

Nitish Agarwal, Principal Software Engineer at GoDaddy

  • 2:55 pm
  • Coffee Break / Virtual Booth Area


Stage 1

API Governance

Stage 2


Stage 1

3:20 pm

GraphQL's second act, the unified data layer

Jesse Martin, Senior Developer Advocate at Hasura

3:45 pm

Pragmatic GraphQL Patterns

Richard Shan, Chief Practitioner at CTS

4:10 pm

Production Ready GraphQL

Antoine Carossio, Co-Founder & CTO @ EscapeTristan Kalos, Co-Founder & CEO @ Escape

API Governance

Stage 2

3:20 pm

Battle-tested APIs: Tech and Business working together

Jean Burellier, Tech Lead Platform Team at Sanofi

3:45 pm

API Design Governance - Key to building consistent APIs at scale

Nauman Ali, Product Manager at Stoplight

4:10 pm

Scale Your API teams with a Design-First Approach

Abdallah Abedraba, Technical Product Manager at Kubeshop

4:35 pm

Mapping the No-Code/Low-Code Ecosystem with Your API Strategy

Jeremy Glassenberg, Product Lead – APIs at DocuSign

  • 5:00 pm
  • Day 2 Closing Remarks
  • Mehdi Medjaoui, Author, Founder and Chairman of apidays conferences

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