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July 28 & 29, 2021

API-driven Regulations for Finance, Insurance, and Healthcare

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At apidays, the health and safety of our community, speakers and partners always comes first. As the COVID-19 situation remains uncertain, we will continue to present our 2021 events in a digital way. Looking forward to seeing you at our apidays LIVE series.

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Many regulations are forcing incumbents that have never been open – neither on the cultural, nor the technical side – to open APIs. And these companies face huge challenges to make it happen resisting the attack by startups and innovative players who are going faster

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Many regulations are forcing incumbents that have never been open – neither on the cultural, nor the technical side – to open APIs. And these companies face huge challenges to make it happen resisting the attack by startups and innovative players who are going faster.

In the USA, it is the healthcare industry regulation that started to promote using APIs to open systems for more interoperability to benefit end-users, with programs like EHR, FHIR, LH7, etc.

In Europe, PSD2 and Open Banking UK have led the path to open banking and are followed by more than 40 countries, which are adopting API-led regulations to force banks to open APIs.

Insurance may be the next fortress to fall if the industry doesn’t proactively do it before regulators. Now, the US Federal Trade Commission is also evaluating the opportunity of regulation for the US Banking industry.

Last but not least, the Public Sector and Governments are also pushing for the use of APIs to support their open data policies and deliver value to ecosystems.


David O’Neill

CEO of APImetrics

Alissa Knight

Partner at Knight Group

Aiman Tohid

Global Health Worker at Tohid Health

Div Manickam

Director, WW Infrastructure Services Marketing and Portfolio Management at Lenovo

Derric Gilling

CEO at Moesif

Mark Boyd

Director at Platformable

Kin Lane

The API Evangelist

Yojas Samarth

Data Evangelist at DBS Bank

Charlie Weems

Partnership Engineer at Twilio

Simon Torrance

Founder & CEO of Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies

Deb Roy

Senior Manager - API Practice at Accenture

Jarvis Ka

Enterprise Architect at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

Jean Baptiste Aviat

Co-Founder & CTO at Sqreen.io

Dinesh Katyal

Product Director at Financial Data Exchange

Damir Svrtan

Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

Scott Gerlach

Co-founder & Chief Security Officer at StackHawk

Tanmai Gopal

Co-Founder & CEO of Hasura

Rosemary Missier

Senior Product Manager at Atlassian

Tanja Imamovic

Open API Business Owner at Raiffeisen Bank International

Aleksei Akimov

Head of APIs at Adyen

Andy Garratt

Product Manager, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration at IBM Automation

Vikas Anand

Product Management - Google Cloud Platform at Google Cloud

David Stewart

CEO of Approov

Anna Daugherty, CPMM

Director of Product Marketing at Opsera

Ross Garrett

Head of Product at Volkswagen Automotive Cloud

Anna Gong

Founder & CEO of Perx Technologies

Akshata Sawant

Senior Software Engineer at EPAM Systems and MuleSoft Ambassador

Melissa van der Hecht

Field CTO at Kong

Ivan Novakov

API Platform Lead at MSD Czech Republic

Marco Palladino

CTO & Co-Founder at Kong

Uchit Vyas

Associate Director at KPMG

Evert Pot

CTO at Bad Gateway Inc

M. Scott Ford

Co-Founder & CEO at Corgibytes

Saikat Banerjee

Sr. Product Manager - Tech at Amazon Web Services

Sylvia Carrasco

Founder & CEO of Goldex Technologies

Omid Eidivandi

Solution Architect at Groupe La Centrale

Paul Krajewski

Sr. Integration Engineer at Dina Care

Rob Richardson

Developer Advocate at Cyral

Jeremy Glassenberg

Product Lead, APIs at Docusign

Tom Henricksen

Developer at NJM Insurance Group

David Thomason

WW Director of Solution Architects at Noname Security

Paweł Skrzypek

Chief Multi Cloud Architect at 7bulls.com Sp. z o.o.

Arun Narayanaswamy

Director of Engineering at Amadeus Labs

Ara Pulido

Developer Relations at Datadog

Thalia Hooker, Ph.D.

Client Technical Leader at IBM

Rob Dickinson

Co-founder & CEO of Resurface Labs

Rahul Agarwal

Technical Product Manager at Boomi

Mehdi Medjaoui

Founder & Chairman of apidays

Priya Saxena

Cloud Engineer at Google

Zachary Conger

Senior DevOps Engineer at StackHawk

Boris Vernoff

Chief Data Architect at ADP, Ltd.

Cédrick Lunven

Director of Developer Advocacy at DataStax

Alan Glickenhouse

Digital Transformation Business Strategist at IBM

Rod Cope

Chief Technology Officer at Akana by Perforce

Satya Jayanti

Principal Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat

Marcilio Oliveira

Co-founder & CGO at Sensedia

Samir Ullal

Senior Manager - Product Mgmt & Sales Engineering at Akana by Perforce

Morris Matsa

API Gateway Lead, IBM API Connect and DataPower Gateways at IBM

Nick Glowacki

Hybrid Cloud, Integration, Financial Services at IBM

Tim Hinrichs

Co-founder & CTO of Styra

Gregory Brail

Principal Software Engineer at Google

Anubha Gaur

Executive Director, DevSecOps and API Management at Quest Diagnostics

Jyoti Bansal

Founder & CEO of Traceable AI

Rafael Marins

Product Marketing Manager FSI at Red Hat

Inon Shkedy

Head of Security Research at Traceable AI

Natalia Cruz

Head of Open Banking at Sensedia

Shawn Jobe

Director of Software Development at Factual Data

Anoop Kartha

API Security Evangelist at Traceable AI

Jonny Hatch

Staff Solutions Engineer at Nylas

Brenton House

VP, Digital Evangelism at Software AG

Sanjeewa Malalgoda

Associate Director, Engineering/Architecture at WSO2

Shane O’Donnell

Team Lead at Solo.io

Giovanni Lesna

Head of Enterprise & Partnerships at API3

Filipe Garbim

Solutions Architect at Sensedia

Guy Swift

Lead Solution Architect EMEA at Sensedia

Subhabrata Chatterjee

Architect and Chapter Lead - Cloud at Danske IT Services

Zaid Albirawi

Consulting Engineer at Tyk

Claudio de Oliveira

Technical Lead APIs at LuizaLabs

Rafael Rocha

Head of Solutions at Sensedia

Filipe Torqueto

Lead Software Architect at Sensedia

Sedky Abou-Shamalah

Solutions Architect at Tyk

Gibson Pasquini Nascimento

Head of Solutions at Sensedia

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