Aaron Ploetz

Developer Advocate at DataStax

I specialize in building and deploying distributed/NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Neo4j, & JanusGraph) databases. Search engine integration is also something that I have spent time working on, mainly with Endeca and ElasticSearch. I am very much a GNU/Linux zealot, an experienced coder (Java & Go) and enjoy scripting in Bash & Python. Time permitting, I contribute to the software community by answering StackOverflow questions from other developers, as well as by submitting code for the Apache Cassandra open source project.

As a DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra, I give presentations aimed at helping developers (who are newer to Cassandra) get started correctly.

As a tech author, I have written a few articles and papers on distributed databases, as well as the books ""Seven NoSQL Databases in a Week"" and ""Mastering Apache Cassandra 3.x"" by Packt Publishing.