Adi Vora

Co-Founder and Chief Product & Technology Officer at Ayoconnect

Adi Vora is Co-Founder and Chief Product & Technology Officer at Ayoconnect, Southeast Asia’s largest open finance API platform. Founded in 2016, Ayoconnect makes open finance accessible for businesses in Indonesia and has become a pivotal player in the Indonesian economy.

The company is building critical infrastructure which is making it easier and faster for businesses of all sizes to launch new financial products and services, and in turn helping to drive both financial inclusion and greater access to innovative solutions.

Ayoconnect serves more than 200 API customers, including some of the region’s largest banks, financial institutions, tech unicorns and fintechs, and offers more than 4,000 embedded finance products.

Adi leads technology and product development and oversees the overall strategy for the business in partnership with his CEO.

A well-rounded Engineering leader, Adi has over seventeen years’ experience in developing technology products on various platforms. He is passionate about building, leading and developing high-performing tech teams.

Adi has a deep understanding of system architecture, tech infrastructure, product development, data security, team development, and organisational design. Based in Goa, India, Adi leads the company’s remote tech and product teams located across the globe.

Adi graduated from Penn State University and the University of Delaware and holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Bioinformatics.