Aiman Tohid

Global Health Worker at Tohid Health

I am a medical doctor and a masters of public health with substantial experience in the field of public and global health. I am a multicultural Pakistani-American expert in public health and health policy. My goal is to increase control over, and to improve, people’s physical and mental health. I have done extensive work on health education and promotion, including COVID-19. I am author of the book named "Coronavirus Pandemic-A COVID-19 Outbreak that stopped the world". I have almost 15 year experience of working with nonprofit and private organizations to improve health and reduce health disparities among underserved populations. I am also founder of a nonprofit called Tohid Health Organization. I have worked extensively on mental health issues related to COVID-19. I have relevant experience in the field of psychiatry.

I am a public speaker and do health awareness and education on different health issues (specially mental health). I am a frequent guest speaker on health topics (Interviews, live sessions, seminars, workshops and panel discussions) throughout the world.

I am also an independent utilization review specialist and provide consulting services. I have significant experience in utilization review within the worker's compensation. I promote an advocacy-based approach and help balance cost effectiveness with patient care.

In addition, I have research interests and relevant research experience. I have worked as research assistant for several research positions.