Ainhoa Pulido Cuadrado

Certified Coach (Personal and Teams), API Manager, Enterprise Architect at Lufthansa Group

We live in an Age where information invades us, everything is within our reach as we had never imagined, and this is wonderful, especially when I have always believed that information is knowledge and self-growing. But this is a double-edged sword, mismanaged or just accumulated, is good for nothing. So my interest and principal aim and contributions in everything I am involved with, has always been to find ways of collaboration with all the technologies available to us, to get all the information we are seeking available in a clear and coherent manner, allowing us to improve ourselves both within and outside the company.

I am a passionate person that aims to bring a better life around us, no matter if it is in a personal or profesional level. I mix my coaching skills with a background of Telecommunications Engineer (Telematics), Enterprise Architect and now API Manager with 18 years of experience in technology projects, cost and resource (teams, assets and suppliers) management, with the goal of creating new products and value added services, for national and international business environments. Visionary ahead of time and innovator in all positions held.