Alexander Gilevich

Solutions Architect at EPAM Systems


- Solutions Architect / Team Lead / Tech Lead / .NET/Python Developer with 9+ years of experience:
- Key business domains: Banking; Human Knowledge; Telecommunication; Aviation; Oil&gas industry.
- Experienced full-stack developer with 12+ years of hands-on experience in backend and frontend development
- Proven practical experience in development of high-load and cloud-native applications
- Confident experience in the architecture design process of decoupled, highly-available and resilient applications
- Certified AWS Solutions Architect
- Cloud Migration Expert
- Full-cycle project development: from estimation and building a team to transitioning a project to support
- Proven experience of finding bottlenecks in web-applications and optimizing them
- Conference speaker
- Strong and solid experience in designing of relational databases for MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, writing of optimized SQL queries
- Strong hands-on experience of integrating with non-relational databases (MongoDB, Redis, AWS DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, etc.)
- Hand-on experience in conduction of technical interviews and gathering developments team
- Stress testing with Apache jMeter
- Practical skills in the development of compilers and programming language processors
- Strong leadership skills: estimation of new projects and tasks, communication with business owner/customer, gathering of business requirements and their analysis, code review, decomposition and delegation of tasks, priotizing and triaging tasks, technical counseling of team members
- Graduated from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics with the highest honours
- Received written gratitude from Max Schlee (author of "Qt 5.3 Professional Programming with C++") for finding logical mistake in his book
- Personal qualities: self-dependent, initiative, ready to help others, responsible