Arnab Mitra

Program Manager at BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network)

Arnab has over 15 years of experience in business transformation delivering digital change in banking and insurance. For the best part of a decade, he worked at Societe Generale Private Banking in the UK, heading the Digital Transformation initiative from implementing Faster Payments and automation of payments processes to creating new digital customer experiences for online and mobile banking offerings around Payments and Portfolio management. He also headed several successful initiatives in cost reduction in key business processes across the bank primarily through tech enabled process automation.

In his role as Programme Manager at BIAN, Arnab is involved in driving the generation of various specifications that take the standard closer to an implementation level. This includes his work in generating the BIAN Service Domain APIs for the BIAN banking model across the service landscape, as well as leading the development of the overall CICD pipeline. His team also create and maintain the various other APIs and Apps that form the BIAN Tech offerings.

In addition to his role at BIAN, Arnab has until recently been working as an Enterprise Architect for Open Banking, at Virtusa. His work focused primarily on working with banks on implementing regulatory initiatives such as PSD2 and Open Banking in the E.U. and the U.K. and more recently CDR in Australia, but also with regulators looking at introducing new regulatory initiatives in their jurisdictions. At the same time, Arnab had also been deeply involved in key areas of Open Banking innovation focusing on creating collaborative environments for Banks and FinTechs. His work in Fintech Assurance had been key in the evolution of APIX, an API marketplace by the ASEAN Financial Innovation Network (AFIN), a Monetary Authority of Singapore and The World Bank Group initiative.

Currently, Arnab is also involved with an early stage start-up looking to bring Open Banking leveraged products to consumers in the U.K.