Arwel Owen

Founder of Avilastar

Passionate about leveraging cloud technologies to help customers to smoothly transition SAP into the cloud and deliver world-class, sustainable SAP operations at least-cost.

Previously responsible for leading a team of Architects to develop and operate Princes Ltd's global IT Infrastructure for 20 years, culminating in transitioning Princes' global SAP landscape to AWS, reducing operational costs and carbon footprint by over 50% and delivering best-in-class SAP performance and agility in doing so.

I have a firm grounding in SAP and database technologies, and remain hands-on after 25 years SAP, and 13 years cloud experience, I've a solid track record in delivering multiple, large, complex and successful projects.

Achievements include leading the design and successful delivery of multiple projects to virtualise, migrate and upgrade SAP landscapes to drive cost efficiency, enhance performance.and resilience. I have also been responsible for delivering numerous successful projects over my many years of responsibility for Princes' non-SAP IT infrastructure,.

Specialities: Design, implement and operate large SAP Netweaver environments, both on-premise, in private and public clouds. Deliver SAP Managed Services and Support using ITIL principals to meet strict SLAs and audit controls.

A firm believer in simplification, automation, standardisation, consolidation, business continuity.