Audrey Huvet

Head of Research Center at Devoteam Revolve

Having evolved for several years in hyper-technological spheres, the question of the place of work in the face of automation and the responsibility of tech professionals for future generations are my favorite subjects. To explore these impacts, we created Gravity, a contributory research center, a concept dear to Bernard Stiegler, to develop our convictions and implement concrete actions on subjects linked to ethics, diversity and inclusion, CSR, digital sobriety, AI and its challenges, finally everything that will allow our employees to take a step back from all the current injunctions (sometimes contradictory) and to collectively find mechanisms that will allow them to better control their environment and the impact of their work on society and the biosphere. How? By studying the new skills of the 21st century symbolized by the HEAT: Humanities, Engineering, Art and Technology. Because technological products reflect the people who design them, we have a role to play in building a desirable future. #DiversityInTech #Tech4Good #Sustainability #EthicsInDesign #Education #Art