Benjamin Jean

President of INNO3

CEO of inno³, a consulting firm specialized in the management of OS projects and intellectual property. Known for all his work on Open Source and Open Data, Benjamin Jean is currently CEO of inno³, an open innovation consulting firm focused on IP’s value and collaborative and open project management. He is also the cofounder of « Open Law*, Le droit ouvert », a french non-profit organization promoting activities to enhance the legal sector’s transformation through digital co-creation programs based on Open data, Open Source and Open Innovation principles. Strongly mobilized on opportunities presented by these open models in the digital transformation of careers and major industrial sectors, Benjamin Jean regularly intervenes as an expert at several related events and conferences. Indeed, besides his full-time job at inno3, he teaches Intellectual Property law at several universities, he is lecturer
at Science Po, and works at Gilles Vercken Law firm. He wrote and translated several Open Source and Open Data Licenses or similar licenses as the INTILA​ 1 licence template (Interoperability Information Licence Agreement) for the European Commission.