Budha Bhattacharya

Product Evangelist / Developer Advocate at Tyk

As a technology enthusiast, I'm driven to solve problems at scale and contribute to building a more connected and sustainable world. My areas of interest include APIs, AI/ML, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Data Science, and IoT.

With a unique blend of technical, business, and marketing skills, I specialize in communicating complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences. My goal is to put technology in context and show how it can solve real-world problems.

Currently, as a Product Evangelist at Tyk, I have the opportunity to showcase the capabilities of Tyk and how it drives growth and success for its users. I am a frequent speaker at conferences, webinars, and podcasts, where I engage with industry leaders and share insights on the latest developments in the world of APIs.

In short, I'm a tech enthusiast who's passionate about solving complex problems and driving innovation through technology. Whether you're a technical expert or a non-technical decision-maker, I can help you understand how technology can make a real impact on your side project, business and/or the world!