Carlos Rodriguez Iturria

Principal Director and Practice Lead - Data Integration, API and Security at foryouandyourcustomers

I am extremely passionate about people, technology and the most effective ways to connect the two by sharing my knowledge and experience.

Working collaboratively with customers and partners inspires and excites me, especially when the outcome is noticeable valuable to a business and results in true innovation. I enjoy learning and teaching, as I recognise that this is a critical aspect of remaining at the forefront of technology in the modern era.

Over the past 15+ years, I have developed and defined solutions that are reliable, secure and scalable, working closely with a diverse range of stakeholders. I enjoy leading engagements and am very active in the technical communities – both internal and external. I have stood out as a noticeable mentor running technology events across major cities in Australia and New Zealand, including various technology areas such as, Enterprise Integrations, API Management, Cloud Integration, IaaS and PaaS adoption, DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Automation among others.

In recent years, I have shaped my role and directed my capabilities towards educating and architecting benefits for partners using APIs and Cloud Native technologies. I get especially excited when I am able to position both as a way to exceed my customers’ expectations.