Célya Gruson-Daniel

Consultant and Researcher at Inno3

Celya Gruson Daniel is an associate researcher in social sciences (COSTECH laboratory). Her research (STS & Communication studies) are mainly focused on open access/science issues and the impact of digital technology on science/society relations (data science, ethics, economic and social transformations). She works as a consultant (practitioner-researcher) at Inno³, a consulting company specialized in open data, open source and open science. She is the Co-founder of HackYourResearch: a think tank on open science and the acknowledgement of knowledge as common. She is graduated of the École Normale Supérieure and a Master’s degree in Cognitive and Behavioural Neurosciences (UPMC). In terms of research methodologies, she is using mixed method research design embedded in action-research principles but also open and collaborative process (open source, open science, fair data, etc.)