Claire Barrett

Director at APIsFirst and Co-lead of Women In APIs

I make strategy happen: a translator of goals and aspirations into technology change that sticks. Galvanising teams and individuals around the big picture; getting traction with short-term priorities for customers and stakeholders; while making tangible progress towards longer-term transformational outcomes. My best work is at the busy intersection of transformation, scaled agile delivery, systems and platforms overhaul, business architecture, digital innovation, and cultural change. Comfortable with high degrees of ambiguity, I'm about getting cut through quickly and forging buy-in to ways forward at the coalface of delivery; while maintaining a deep respect for people as humans and recognising the impact of decisions and action on impacted individuals and groups. I’m a systems thinker with wide-ranging experience leading technology, project and consulting teams in industries such as financial services and acute healthcare, across Australia, the UK and Hong Kong. I believe diversity of thought and input is fundamental to challenging cultural norms and ingrained behaviours constructively. Collaborative and pragmatic in my approach, results come through planning and execution discipline, infectious energy and care for the individual. As an active champion for women in technology and global lead of Women In APIs, I am regularly sought out to mentor and coach women at different stages in their lives and careers. I have conceived and delivered multiple programs that have made a tangible difference for balance and inclusion targeted at groups such as female high school students looking at university and job choices; women returning to IT work after a career break; and non-native English speakers gaining confidence with better writing and communication skills.