Claudio Tag

Automation Chief Architect and Technical Lead at IBM

Claudio Tag is the IBM Automation Chief Architect in Asia Pacific, leading the Technical Sales team in the region, and has vast experience in Digital Transformation and the world of Cloud. He is passionate about technology, and how it has shaped business change in the 21st century.Making the "complicated" "business as usual" has been Tag’s focus in his 10+ years career in technical sales.

Through his work as C-suite trusted advisor and domain expert for IBM's and Red Hat’s ground-breaking technologies, Tag has gained significant insight into today's senior IT stakeholders’ motivations. He has led several technical sales teams across geos and technology domains: from process automation to private cloud, from containerization to open source software.

Tag also worked in various IBM labs, and presented his work at several conferences around the world, focusing on Public and Private Cloud, Kubernetes, Automation, Integration, Microservices Architectures, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. He is an open source evangelist, thought leader in Agile Integration and Cloud Orchestration & AI Operations, and author of three IBM Redbook publications.