Dave Tonge

CTO at Moneyhub Enterprise

Dave is co-founder and CTO at Moneyhub. Utilising his extensive Open Banking and Open Finance knowledge, his aim is to deliver the best data, intelligence and payments platform to make life easier for both, consumers and businesses alike. Dave leads a team of Software Engineers, QA Engineers, UX Architects, Product Owners and Systems Administrators.

In addition to his role at Moneyhub, Dave is a co-chair of the OpenID Foundations Financial API Working Group working on international standards for financial APIs. As part of this role, he works closely with the Open Banking Implementation Entity, ISO TC68 and the IETF to develop new secure API standards for financial services and beyond.

Dave sits on various working groups at the TISA Open Savings & Investment initiative where he works with participants across the industry to make Open Finance a reality.

Until 2019, Dave was also the technical representative at the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA), a global trade association campaigning for banks to allow customers to make better decisions and take fuller control of their financial lives. As part of his work with FDATA he has represented UK fintechs at the FCA, EBA and European Parliament.