Gautam Rewati

Tecnnical Manager, Australia & New Zealand at Couchbase

Gautam is an accomplished Solution Architect, DevOps Engineer with Machine Learning Operations skills with over a decade of industry experience in the design, architect, management and delivery of a variety of software solutions and services to the clients internationally, with primary focus on Solution Architect and design, DevOps, CI/CD, Automation for highly sophisticated and performant enterprise grade systems including Training, Deployment and Scoring pipelines for Machine Learning Models. Cloud Computing. His rich experience and desire to continuously learn and grow drives him to research, apply practical knowledge gained over the years to design and deliver best projects on par with industry standards.

Gautam is a focused individual with the ability to work collaboratively within diverse teams in multi-stakeholder client facing settings and is recognised as a highly professional and knowledgeable. He is seeking exciting new career opportunities to expand his horizons and continue to grow.