Guillaume Grillat

Tech Community Advocate at Adevinta

After being a recruiter in several digital companies, I decided to move on and took on new responsibilities at Deezer by joining the Engineering department on an original role in 2017, as the first Tech Community Ambassador in France.

My goal ? Helping my Tech & Product colleagues to flourish at work, by meeting innovative people, gaining new knowledge and having more impact in their jobs. It is all about curiosity, humility, and the joy of learning in a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.

I'm trying to figure out how to retain and engage our people through "learning experiences" with external tech communities (other companies living similar contexts, developer groups, Engineering schools & networks etc.).

Learning from other external best practices is key to stay innovative and attractive.
I'm also trying to promote green IT best practices among our e-business ecosystem. Maybe it's an utopia, but we have no choice: our Product & Engineering jobs must take our carbon impact into account.

I tweet about my daily life at Adevinta and hobbies with my personal account: @grillatg.