Ismael Velasco

Development Technical Lead at graze.com

An innovation specialist and servant leader, I combine software engineering with a background in impact partnerships, design thinking and social innovation consultancy.

A strategic thinker and activist with highly diverse experience and networks, an understanding of communities and over two decades of social innovation practice worldwide.

Founder of the Adora Foundation, an international social innovation organisation working to generate inspirational vision, creative connection and transformational action on a global scale. We use technology, research, the arts and social engagement to create new models of practice and build a global community of change-makers.

My professional trajectory has been maintained in three intersecting spheres: social action, academia and the arts. My work takes place at their convergence, where innovation happens. My efforts to expand scale and impact led me increasingly into technology, and I became a software developer to "walk the talk".

Feel welcome to get in touch. Beginnings are often born in conversation.