Janne Uggeldahl

Chief Product Officer at Platform of Trust

✔ I help build data flows with proper governance rules
✔ I'm passionate about ecosystems
✔ I'm an Agile leader always looking for better ways-of-working

Technology is not just about technology - it's always people and team performance. The main driver for me is to deliver high quality services while keeping my people happy without sacrificing customer satisfaction. The most exciting times in my career have been working with high-performing teams striving towards Agile and DevOps. I have a passion towards systems thinking and organization design. I have a strong hands-on background in IT and DevOps varying from customer service management to online banking. I feel most at home as a product manager, even a leader.

I'm comfortable in working agile between business and IT, and I’m passionate about providing my clients with a stellar user experience. I find myself best at home at the intersection of technology and customers, where one has to understand both customer needs and possibilities of technology in order to create top-line digital customer experiences. Lately I've been learning a lot about data exchange as a service (DEaaS) and the de-centralized data mesh approach.

I enjoy spending my free time with my family & two little daughters. You might also spot me at a Padel court nearby practising my vibora.

Specialties: Open Banking, ecosystems, data mesh, developer experience, disruptive technologies, agile methodologies, devops, B2B sales, customer service management, troubleshooting, on-boarding training, after-sales support, Zendesk