Kanchana Wickremasinghe

Vice President & General Manager API & Integration at WSO2

Kanchana is a Vice President & General Manager API & Integration and based at our office in Melbourne, Australia.

Before he joined WSO2, Kanchana worked as the CEO of Platformer Cloud Ptv Ltd. He was responsible for starting Platformer, architecting Platformer products, and guiding an awesomely talented team of engineers to bring these products to its customers.

Kanchana was also instrumental in starting the Kubernetes Community (CNCF backed) in Sri Lanka and getting Platformer as the first certified Kubernetes Certified Service and Training Provider in Sri Lanka.

Prior to starting Platformer, Kanchana had worked with many multinationals in New Zealand and Australia delivering many new technologies and services. He was also recognised as a Distinguished Architect at EDS (New Zealand) where he led the internal global Open Source community.

Kanchana enjoys spending time with his family when and where possible, watching cricket, reading, watching sci-fi movies, working on Raspberry Pi Projects, and climbing mountains with the ultimate goal one day to get to the base camp of Mt. Everest.