Koichi Shiroma

Product Development - Developer Portal, API Program at FactSet

The potential for working with a variety of teams, people and products is exactly what I'm looking for. The experience of launching a major new enterprise product while building and leading teams through the growing pains was extremely rewarding. That effort required building up a very diverse skill set.

Vision: Matching the product vision to the client's future needs is just the beginning.

Resource management: Aligning resources appropriately is required to even have a chance at executing.

Product delivery: Ensuring those resources are working together efficiently creates transparency in the key process of product delivery.

Sales Enablement: Enabling sales with the target customer profiles and stories that articulate the reason for buying, maximizes revenue potential.

Time to revenue: Making sure the onboarding process is as streamlined as possible without cutting corners optimizes time to revenue.

Customer retention: Investing in tools for account management, operations and customer support will lead to impressive customer retention rates.

Marketing: Go-to-market strategies require articulating salient points to marketing to feed the creative engine.

Partner program: Constant communication with channel partners means interfacing across their full organizations from sales and marketing to business and technology to ensure the combined offering is the best experience for the customer.

Customer focus: Of course, woven into all of the above is the voice of the customer.