Liisa Kanniainen

VP Product Manager Commercial APIs at Nordea

My values are passion, courage, collaboration and ownership. My work in Digital Banking includes driving strategic projects, such as formulating next generation service framework for corporate customers.

My ultimate target is to help our customers (both B2C and B2B) to enhance their business through digitalisation, and to create superior customer experience to their customers, while achieving cost savings through increased process efficiency.

I have experience from B2B sales, and also understanging of the B2B2C chains. I have worked a lot with Open Banking and API-based business models. During the past 20+ years I have gathered pretty wide experience ranging from pioneering mobile financial services business leadership and product development to e-commerce, cash management, service design and innovation.

My strength is to combine fast strategic thinking to deep knowledge, excellent communication and execution skills and wide personal contact base. I am also a very curious and analytic person; I want to understand what the trends mean for us here and now.

I am also an experienced professional speaker, and like to contribute my bit to industry discussion also through social media. I am the company spokesperson for PSD2 in the Finnish market.