Luca Maraschi

Co-Founder & CEO at Platformatic

Luca Maraschi's fascination with coding started at the age of six when he stumbled upon a game called Gorillas on a Commodore 64. Intrigued, he delved into the game's Basic source code, marking the start of his interest in programming. By the age of eight, he had already moved on to writing code in C, igniting a passion for engineering, which he combined with his childhood dream of becoming an alchemist– ultimately leading him to a career in software development and tech entrepreneurship.

Today, Luca is co-founder and CEO of Platformatic, where he is working on creating a scalable and simple solution to remove friction from backend development. Prior to this, he founded and successfully exited three companies and held an array of technical leadership roles at companies including mobileLIVE and Telus Digital.

Luca is driven by a hunger to learn and push the boundaries of technology to create truly unique and valuable products.