Mahran Meißner

Global Business Owner IT at Siemens

As a Digital Generalist it is my goal to combine creative thinking with new technologies in a way that a decent value for future businesses can be gained. Therefore, I learn as much as possible about technologies like blockchain, NFTs, web3, AR/ VR, MetaVerse, Generative AI and Robotics! Of course, data integration (APIs) and data management play a critical role in building applications/ use cases. Believing in the circle of accelerated adaptation. Some background: Studied Electrical Engineering (programmed in C/ C++), #1 Consultant for Mobile Device Management in Germany (2011), supported usage of a Mobile Event App during over 150 events around the globe (250 days travelling 2016-2018), drove a BMW i8 to Goodwood FoS storing the data into a blockchain, ramp up of an high secure client with 1.000+ users. Rollout Enlighted/ Comfy Workspace Experience App with IoT sensors within a large Organization to over 700+ locations with 70.000+ users. Building the Core of the MetaVerse. Fun fact: Sneaker hunter!