Marie-Claire Ross

CEO of Trustologie

“You can’t talk your way into trust; you have to behave your way into it.” Marie-Claire Ross

As human beings, we want to be with other humans and be part of something bigger and better than we can create on our own. We love being part of an energetic team that has plenty of solutions and excited discussions.

Yet, remote work has made us feel disconnected and depleted.

I believe that employees are calling out for a new leadership style. One where they feel trusted. Our deepest need is to be visible, feel heard and that we belong. We want people to trust us to do a good job, to value what we do and involve us in their future plans.

I believe that building trust in leadership teams, and amongst leaders, has a multiplier effect on the success of an organisation. Without it, growth stalls. Leaders make slow decisions, are disinterested in others or work in their silo.

You could say I am like a torch bearer. I help leaders expand their leadership capabilities to shine light in lots of different directions so that people feel safe. Creating a trusted team environment where people thrive - working together to solve problems, kick goals and be accountable.

After eight years of research and implementation, I have created the SUCCEeD Together Trust Framework® that helps leaders more easily identify and understand trust issues so they can talk about, and solve them.


❶ With leadership teams using my proprietary SUCCEeD Together Trust Framework® Assessments
❷ Keynote speaker
❸ Workshop Facilitator & Trust Leadership Coaching


“Marie-Claire’s workshop was phenomenal. Everyone has been given some very good tools and questions to improve trust. Absolutely phenomenal.” Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas


>Author of the book, TRUSTED TO THRIVE: How leaders create connected and accountable teams.

>Co-founded Digicast Productions and built it to a 15 person firm.

>More than 20 years of experience working with CEOs and senior leaders at companies such as ATO, Petronas, Novartis and Pitcher partners.

>Wrote the book Transform your Safety Communication reaching No. 3 on Amazon.

>Designed and developed over 120 training videos for over 30 companies including modules on site safety, toolbox talks, manual handling, sales training, company processes and new starter inductions.

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