Marni Oaten

Partner, Consulting at Deloitte

Co-Founder and Managing Director of OCT Emissions Solutions Pty Ltd (OCTES), now Deloitte Emissions Solutions Pty Ltd, an Australian based profit-for-purpose technology collaboration and commercialisation company. I deliver carbon advisory services along with a portfolio of emissions-neutral and emissions-negative projects and packaged solutions.

I am excited about solving the complex problems of our modern world as an experienced industry leader with a demonstrated history of working across energy and mining sectors delivering socially sustainable commercial and technical solutions. I have global expertise in ESG corporate development, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, business development, innovation, strategy and business leadership.

I advocate for the engineering profession, ethical leadership, nation building skills development in Papua New Guinea and climate change research in the Southern Ocean/Antarctica.

I have an honours degree in Electrical (Power) Engineering from Monash University and a Master of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management. I am also an Eisenhower Fellow, a Vincent Fairfax Fellow, Institute of Energy Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School Alumni and Centre for Ethical Leadership Alumni.