Dr Michael Salmony

Executive Adviser at Worldline SE

Michael is an internationally recognised leader on digital financial service innovations with a particular focus on Open Banking, FinTech and Digital Identity.. 

He is board-level advisor to major international banks, industry associations, regulators and finance bodies across the world and regularly helps shape future directions in all key European decision making bodies (e.g. European Commission, ECB) and further national and international boards. He is Executive Adviser to the Board of equensWorldline SE, Europe’s largest (and the world’s 4th largest) financial processor of transactional services, which handles over 17 trillion Euro per year. 

His views are much in demand as keynote speaker at international events and he appears on TV/Radio/all electronic media on advances in finance and is quoted extensively (e.g. Financial Times, Harvard Business Manager, New Scientist, The Economist and by business schools and governments from Ghana to Malaysia). He has published much own original work which has been translated into many languages including German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Danish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. He is extensively networked into the new financial services space and has the top 5% most viewed profile out of the 200 million members in the world’s largest professional network LinkedIn.

Previous positions include Director Business Development of leading national central bank (Bank of the Year, Best Innovator Award).

Before entering the world of finance, he helped transform companies and business models in many industries as IBM's Director of Market Development Media and Communications Technologies. 

He studied at the University of Cambridge UK and is married with two millennial children