Radoslav Rusev

API & Web3 Evangelist at Siemens


I'm an API & Web3 Evangelist with a passion for technology, innovation, and IT management. I have experience coaching teams, speaking at forums and events, and leading API content onboarding. As part of the developer experience working groups, I collaborate closely with POs and Dev teams to ensure successful API communication and monetization.

I've also been part of a Cybersecurity Assessment Program, where I was responsible for assessing factories and R&D locations in the US, Canada, and Germany. My areas of expertise include asset management, virtualization/build/test environment, physical security, and supplier relationships.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I love spending time with my furry friends, playing sports, exploring new places, and gaming.

As a Web3 enthusiast I believe in a decentralised, permissionless future with services being available to everyone and everywhere