S Ramesh

Head of Innovation Technology, Americas at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

* 25+ years in IT leadership, software development, innovation, startups, digital transformation
- With ½ my career in startups and ½ career in Fortune 500, “Practical Innovation” is my middle name!
* Applied market insights, data analytics, to prioritize strategy for business growth, risk mitigation, cost containment
* Achieved H1, H2, H3 strategic targets utilizing business capability mapping, and corporate and product roadmaps
* Hired/managed both small focused teams for startups and distributed teams of over 200 for enterprises
* Enjoy wearing multiple hats and getting my hands dirty; still a hands-on coder and architect
* Open-Source Evangelist; Contributor to FINOS
* Keen proponent of Agile, Design Thinking, Software Patterns, Cloud Computing, & Lean Startup
* Solutions/Enterprise/Security/Cloud Architect: SAAS, B2B, B2C, Ecommerce; Certified: AWS, TOGAF, CISSP, Blockchain
* Domains: FinTech; ESG; Retail Banking; Commercial Lending; Structured Debt; Capital Markets; Wealth Management; Global Payments; E-Commerce; Automotive; Telecom; Media; Distributed Ledger (DLT)
* Strong written and oral communicator:
- Speaker at dozens of conferences on agile, fintech, digital assets, software architecture, and IT security
- Author of software architecture book, “Designing Microservices”, on Manning Best Sellers list
- Design Pattern Creator: “Process Control Pattern Language” with "Gang of Four" author Ralph Johnson
- Multiple patent applications including issued patent “Network Chat with Integrated Billing”