Saheed Abiola Lasisi

Executive Director - Principal API Architect - JPMorgan Payments at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Software architect with several years of experience architecting and developing resilient enterprise applications, integrations, middle-ware services for complex software integrations, software platforms, APIs, cloud native applications, cloud computing solutions and platform automation.

My areas of interest covers API architecture, Cloud Architecture , agile software engineering principles and practices, micro-services, secure software design, CRM and Information Systems Security. I am passionate about diverse areas of IT based on my professional experiences in Networking, Project Management, Big Data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, API Architecture Strategy, Devops and FinTech.

My experience charts a career across technical and enterprise architecture, software engineering, consulting, technical sales and helping clients leverage state of the art technology solutions. I am enthused by the prospect of working with a variety of organizations to architect solutions to their toughest technological and business challenges.