Samrat Seal

Portfolio Product Owner at Telstra

With over 20 years of experience in product ownership and delivery management, Samrat is a passionate and visionary leader who leverages emerging and disruptive technologies to create innovative and secure solutions for customers across various industries. He is currently a Portfolio Product Owner at Telstra, where he is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of cloud-native service orchestration, API, and secured integration products.

Samrat has a proven track record of building complex and high-visibility missions, using agile methodologies, DevOps & DevSecOps practices and human-centric design principles. He has extensive knowledge and skills in cloud computing, service orchestration & integration, API management, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence, and he has secured a Master of Cyber Security degree to further enhance his expertise and leadership in this domain. Samrat is driven by the mission of empowering customers and stakeholders with value-added and secure business outcomes throughout their digital journey.