Simon van Benten

Founder of NRS Consulting

The age of digitization brings more asset related-data to the surface of any organization than ever before. Yet, in my experience most maintenance and reliability teams are not seeing as much added value from these developments as they potentially could.

Most technical solutions are focusing on IT and are not designed to assist maintenance and reliability teams in enhancing their decision-making processes towards their assets in a practical, straightforward manner.

There is a gap between the tried-and-tested reliability tools of old, the IT landscape and the integration huge amounts of data in the end-to-end business processes.

You would like to achieve a reduction in downtime of your assets by leveraging these data, but you are facing this problem which is holding you back in facilitating collaborative, data-informed decision making.

My name is Simon van Benten and at NRS Consulting we help maintenance and reliability teams to achieve increased equipment performance through data-informed decision-making - without wasting time and money on trying to tackle the wrong problems.

These are the results of our solutions:
● Through our simple approach towards data-informed decision making in asset management we help you to continuously get to increased uptime, reduced costs and managed risks.
● You will be more effective in spending time and resources on meaningful problems to your business;
● Leveraging the knowledge and data already present within the company to solve problems in a collaborative way;
● No more running around collecting the wrong data, but instead focus on thinking long-term and reducing the firefighting;
● Achieve an increased understanding of why you collect all the data you’re collecting and how this connects to top-level decision making in a practical way.