Tanguy Le Gall

IT Manager - Head of Dev & Integration at Allianz Technology

After starting my career in the aerospace industry in 1996, I quickly turned to IT and web development, aware of the potential offered by this emerging network.

Today, as an experienced IT manager with a passion for technological innovations, I take great pleasure in guiding my team members since 2007 towards technical excellence while developing their behavioural skills. After having managed several IT teams and departments in the field of web development and contributed to the delivery of many digital projects, I have effectively accompanied the agile transformation of the company by launching the Craftsmanship community at Allianz Informatique France. Designed in 2019 and launched in July 2020, it is a recognised success throughout the Allianz Group.

As an Allianz sponsor of two major engineering schools, I support and prepare the students for the professional world by maintaining a strong link between the schools and the company.

With this background, I am now an agilist convinced by methods that rely on people and trust as the main levers for delivering the best technological solutions, but with an enlightened awareness of the societal and environmental issues that we must consider in 2022.