Tiffany Luck

Enterprise Software Investor at GGV Capital

Tiffany Luck joined GGV Capital in 2018 and is focused on enterprise SaaS, the API economy, and SMBTech. She led GGV’s investments in Mindee, Pinwheel, Stream, and Yac and serves on the board of directors or as a board observer. She is also a board observer for or actively involved with GGV’s investments in Belong, Electric, Fairmarkit, Handshake, Vic.ai, and WorkBoard.Tiffany created the API-First Index in March 2022 to highlight 50 promising companies building with an API-first approach. Tiffany launched GGV’s annual SMBTech Summit in 2019 and regularly brings together the SMBTech community. She also hosts a YouTube series, “The Future of,”, featuring various industry leaders talking about Mindset, Software, Product, Community, and more.Prior to joining GGV, Tiffany was with Morgan Stanley's Technology Investment Banking Group in Menlo Park where she worked on several major transactions, including GitHub's sale to Microsoft for $7.5 billion. Prior to Morgan Stanley, Tiffany spent time at Amazon and worked with several venture-backed startups. Tiffany received a B.A. from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.