Tim Pettersen

Head of Developer Experience at Atlassian

I’m currently a Senior Engineering Manager in Atlassian’s Ecosystem Platform organisation, leading a group of 8 teams across 3 countries. Our mission is developing Atlassian Forge, an innovative serverless platform tailored to the software ecosystem use-case. My previous career at Atlassian is rich in platform engineering, developer advocacy, and evangelism. I’ve played key roles in developing three generations of Atlassian’s sever and cloud ecosystem platforms, and working closely with the over 1,500+ partner organisations and tens of thousands of developers that build kick-ass apps on top of them.

Though an engineering manager by trade; I prefer to think of myself as a product leader, and have worked both independently and in close partnership with product management and other functional leaders to define strategy and vision for the platforms that I’ve contributed to. I have a strong track record for innovation, and was a founding engineer on several key Atlassian product and platform offerings; including Atlassian Forge, Atlassian Connect, and Bitbucket Server (neé Stash).

From a technology stand-point I’m passionate about the web, developer experience, and API design; and have a strong background in cloud architecture, Java, Node.js, browser technologies, and web security. I’m also a passionate writer and speaker, and have keynoted and presented on a wide variety of technical and engineering management topics at dozens of international software conferences including GlueCon, O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, LinuxCon, GOTO Conf, Dreamforce, JavaOne, GDC, Git Merge, Atlas Camp, and the Atlassian Summit. My articles have been published on DZone, SiliconAngle, Hackernoon, and the Atlassian developer blog; and have been read by hundreds of thousands of developers.

Though I enjoy engineering management for its own sake and have a proven track record of building and scaling high-performing engineering teams, I’m ultimately an engineer at heart. I'm at my happiest in a technical product or platform domain with developers as the primary audience of whatever my team is working on.