Tom Howard

Software Delivery Manager at Digizoo

As a seasoned engineering leader and consultant with over 25 years of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge in IT architecture and software engineering. My expertise lies in advising large organizations and providing technical guidance to medium-sized organizations looking to re-engineer their systems and procedures. I have a proven track record of managing technical engineering teams, delivering value to stakeholders, and leveraging my deep understanding of technology, business strategies, and product management to provide insightful leadership.

In my recent roles at Greater Bank and Pacific National, I have demonstrated my ability to drive significant digital transformation projects, implement modern software delivery processes, and improve system security and efficiency. I have successfully navigated complex challenges, providing strategic foresight and mitigating risks to keep projects moving forward.

I am passionate about reducing unnecessary costs to business processes and have consistently demonstrated this through my work. I am seeking opportunities to act as an advisor to executive boards, providing recommendations for service improvements and project development. My goal is to add value to technical teams and help organizations navigate the complexities of digital transformation.