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At APIdays we are committed to delivering the best content on the technology and the business of APIs. This is why we have drafted a short guide for speakers applicants to maximize your chances of getting accepted.

Is your talk in English?

To ensure maximum inclusion for international attendees, all apidays talks are in English. Please be sure that you apply in this language, as it is used to communicate in the API Industry.

Is the content valuable enough?

Apidays is the state-of-the-art conference on the topic of APIs, and we promote deep and insightful, cutting edge, content. If you content is too outdated, or too candid about one topic, it can be a reason for rejection.

No sales pitch or product pitch

We may reject all talks that are directly or indirectly promoting a product, a company or a paying vendor technology. An exception is made for open source/free software projects and demo. If you work for a vendor, we must understand clearly that your talk is not correlated to promote the product your company sells.

Does your talk deliver fresh and original content?

The apidays Speaker Review Committee reserves the right to refuse a talk if it has already been delivered in other conferences. Important updates of existing talks can be OK.

Are yourself and your content inclusive and safe for the community?

Apidays promotes contents that are respectful and inclusive of others. If we see behavior or content that does not respect our code of conduct, we reserve the right to refuse your speaker application.