Meet the team

Mehdi Medjaoui

Founder & Chairman of apidays
Founder of (acquired)
Baptiste Parravicini

Baptiste Parravicini

Director at apidays
Ex Marketing at VentureBeat
Oury Thomas

Oury Thomas

COO at apidays
Ex GM at ChoYou
Denis Durand

Denis Durand

Chief Quality Officer at apidays
Ex Events Logistics

Claire Barrett

Strategy Translator and Women In APIs Lead
Isabelle Reusa

Isabelle Reusa

Women in APIs Initiative
Consultant in Media & Culture APIs

Jon Scheele

Connecting the digital economy with APIs

Vincenzo Chianese

Software Engineer
At Stoplight

Helen Child

Co-Founder Open
Banking Excellence

Saul Caganoff

Principal at Deloitte
Former CTO of Sixtree

Marjukka Niinioja

Founding Partner at Osaango

Patrick Fan

CEO / Chief API Strategist at beNovelty – ex-IBM Redbooks Thought Leader

Simon Redfern

Product and Technical Architecture
At Open Bank Project


Blue Connector
Open Banking Excellence
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be Novelty
Open Gank Project