Arent van‘t Spijker

Partner at BlinkLane Consulting

Arent van 't Spijker is partner at BlinkLane Consulting. He is a trusted advisor to corporate leadership on digital transformation and innovation. Throughout his career, Van 't Spijker has worked at the forefront of innovation - at the turn of the millennium as the founder of innovative startups, and later as enterpreneur and strategic advisor on digital transformation and innovation at large organizations. He is a frequent speaker at business events and conferences about these subjects. In 2014, Van 't Spijker published his first book, The New Oil: Using Innovative Business Models to Turn Data Into Profit. In 2019, he founded the Continuous Innovation Framework (COIN), a combination of a blueprint process for corporate innovation (continuousinnovation.net), training, and certification for innovation professionals and an active community of innovation enthusiasts. His latest book, Continuous Innovation, describes how digital technology drives organizations to adopt a new core competency: continuous innovation. Van 't Spijker lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands