Jean-Paul LaClair

Senior Director of Product at FDX


With a desire to help others and create a positive impact, Jean-Paul has dedicated over 16 years to leading initiatives aimed at expanding financial services to all communities. He has taken on various roles, including building new branches, introducing banking products to underserved markets, revising bank operating models to focus on developing value propositions for specific segments, and leading the development of financial wellness and open banking strategies. Throughout his career he has managed large tech and product teams, owned P&Ls in the hundreds of millions, and delivered experiences that have touched over 20MM consumers.

Most recently as Sr Director of Product at Financial Data Exchange (FDX), Jean-Paul oversees the development, management, and strategy of FDX’s comprehensive product portfolio, including API documentation, Security Guidelines, and the creation of a Certification program.

Jean-Paul's personal drive to align business outcomes with customer needs has allowed him to build teams, strategies, products, business lines, and channels that deliver value to customers and businesses alike.